Ball & Joints and all that…

I decided that I wanted something a little stronger than twisted wire… as I worry too much about it breaking and I know I’ll cry AND I thought that I could improve on what I’ve done so far.

I brought a ball & socket metal armature… stop motion is becoming sort of cheap to do… well, compared with years ago.

It’s now possible to buy different types of armatures… here’s a few linkies… (click on images)

Animation Supplies

Animation Supplies (UK based Company)

I decided to buy the Standard Armature from Animation Supplies logo

Very friendly people and answered by silly questions 🙂

Stop Motion books... how to!

Stop Motion books... how to!

I brought this book from the Tate Modern in London … I blame this book for starting me off on this madness!

A few other suppliers worth having a look at … I have seen some armature supplies sold on ebay – I brought wire, super sculpey and the melting plastic on ebay - stop motion Armatures. - stop motion Armatures. US COMPANY - SHIPS TO UK (I think)

Animate Clay Armatures

Animate Clay Armatures (US COMPANY BUT ALSO SHIPS TO UK)

Animate Clay also these very cheap Stikfas armatures… five dollars! If you search on YouTube you’ll find people using these in their animations.

Stikfas Plastic Armatures

Stikfas Plastic Armatures

If you want to make a ball jointed armature but don’t want to spend that much or you are a bit of a geek and want to make your own then have a look at this detailed article at Stop Motion Works


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