Clara Planning… and twisting…

next came drawing a plan of the size and shape I wanted Clara to be – I started off wanting her to have longer arms and legs than normal.

I then brought some 0.5mm wire on ebay and cut strands to the length of her legs… from one foot up the leg across the crotch and down to the other foot… I did this 3 times and then used a drill to twist the wire together. It’s possible to do this with a set of pliers and loop the wire ends over a chair leg (mind it doesn’t scratch the paintwork!) but doing it this way will take awhile.

Twisting wire with a drill & plyers

Twisting wire with a drill & plyers

The first two images are twisting the wire with a drill… the one below shows the single strands of wire and the twisted ones – make sure that the back has an extra wire as it needs to be thicker and stronger than the limbs.

Here’s a useful tutorial! found at Stop Motion Works

The photos shows the sketch I did of Clara’s body (I did extra long limbs). The black drawn parts are where the ‘bones’ are going to be (this means the arms and legs bend in the right place and make the wire stronger!) I made these using a type of plastic that melts in hot water and can be shaped using your hands.

Clara layout

Clara layout

The feet picture at the bottom right hand corner show the heat shaped plastic shaped around a wing nut – this will be used to tie-down the puppet using holes drilled into wood which will aid walking sequences.

This video is by StopmoNick showing how tie-downs work (excellent video!)

The last image shows where I’ve started to add wadding to bulk and shape the puppet, then covered the arms with cotton fabric – I used glue and the mini clamps (brought from the pound shop) holding it down until it dries.


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