dressing up and stuff…

Now for the head, hands and clothing.

Clara's converse shoes

Clara’s Converse Shoes

Converse Shoes!

I did want to make leather boots but I can’t seem to find anywhere that I can buy a very small peice… plus I think it’s easier to make converse shoes with felt… easier to sew.

I used felt, fimo clay (for the soles and white tip) cotton fabric for the white part at the bottom, eyelets and string. Very fiddly but cute if you don’t look at them too closely.

Shoes, Socks, T-shirt

Shoes, Socks, T-shirt

sorry for the quality of the images… mobile phone photos taken at 3am ish… I tend to work on this sort of thing in the early hours… I don’t’ know why but it’s a good excuse when things go wrong.

You can see the new pair of knitted socks and a glimpse of Clara’s T-shirt with the Jack Skellington icon (nod to Tim Burton :-)) Unfortunately, I used the wrong transfer paper – this one is for light fabrics only…oops. The stripey arm parts are felt – I’m wondering if using felt is a good idea as it teds to pill so this could look terrible after moving the arms a few times.

You can see the hole in the sole of the shoe – this is for the tie-downs to aid walking etc – if you look at the first post you’ll see that the melting plastic was shapes around a wing nut… this will also go through the shoe and socks. (yep… I made a hole in the sock… on purpose and not an accident!)

You can also see the scary head I made using fimo clay… I’ll only ever take this out of the cupboard if I want to scare young children!! It was my first go so please forgive me ;-P

ugly first head

ugly first head


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