some posing shots – the Head hasn’t been painted and is just balancing on the shoulders… so is the roughly cut hair! (a party wig from ebay.. .I think I’ll try crochet next time)

This is a new head using super sculpey and is a slight improvement on the last one!

Clara (head & hair not finished)

Clara (head & hair not finished)

I would like to say that she does now own a skirt (made from the bottom part of some of my old leggings! which isn’t featured in these photos) but she is knickerless (OOPs!)

Clara reading...

Clara reading...

I found that the hands were a total pain to make and I used too much glue and the type of cotton was too thick. This means the fingers are too thick which makes it difficult to move the fingers… I guess these are the things you learn and it’s all practice! annoying isn’t it!!


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