remaking it all…

New Armchair needed – the last one is a tad large… (I think the new one is a little small… but lets ignore that shall we :-))

Clara version 1 and 2

Clara version 1 (left) and version 2 (right) (the head is a rough only - aids sizing)

How big do you think the set would have to be for the first verion (the left hand one!)

So starting again was a very good idea!


The arm edges of the armchair came out a little wrong hence the blanket! (It does come from a blanket that I have on my sofa… it now has a medium sized gap at the end – I’ll just hide that under the cushions :-))

The coffee table is made out of balsa wood – very weak stuff – I wont let the cat near it.

cutting along the grain means it cuts very smooth but against is another story… very rough edges but I wont be doing a close up of the coffee table so I don’t think it matters.

I’ll need to make a mini TV remote and magazines for the table and a freestanding lamp… and obviously walls and a floor. The floor has to be raised enough for me to undo the tie-downs (in the puppets feet) so I need to figure out how to attache all those components together.

coffee table and armchair

coffee table and armchair

Just putting the arms together and the coffee table was just glued

Armchair & Coffee Table

Armchair & Coffee Table

Clara in Armchair with Coffee Table

Clara in Armchair with Coffee Table

a few more pics…


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