Starting again…

Two days after ordering the Standard Armature this arrived… (I wanted a lego set as a kid but as I’m a girl it was not allowed :-()

ball jointed Standard Armature kit

ball jointed Standard Armature kit

I brought a small hobby vice and then set about cutting the rods to the size I wanted.

You can choose how tall/short you want your armature and it doesn’t even have to be human!!

I stuck to the basic human form and kept the legs slightly longer than normal but I did make the arms standard size as I realised with the first Clara that they would be awkward to pose (ie: crossing her arms in a teenage moody type way).

The lock tight is to fix the rods into the balls as you don’t want them to loosen – I did manage to glue the wrong thing at one point and had to re-order some more ball joints… oh well… pft… stupid learning practice thingy again!

I keep forgetting to take pictures midway of making things – again, I apologies but here’s a pic of the arms exposed… hmm… actually right now Clara is in pieces and the legs are exposed… I’ll take a pic of that right now…

Clara version 2

Clara version 2

This time I sewed the wadding into place rather than using glue as I might need to get to the joints at some point and it’s a lot easier this way. Plus I found that the glue would harden creating lumpy stiff parts. I have to say that this was a lot quicker than the previous version. I’ve already had to take the wadding off the legs as I had forgotten to glue one of the joints. (the image shows one fatter leg – both legs will be the size of the right one… she doesn’t have an eating disorder!)

I did buy two sets of hand components as moving the fingers a lot can break the wire – these hands come with a heat shrink plastic – you cut the plastic tubes to fit over the twisted wire fingers and pour boiling water over them… they then shrink to fit the fingers… aids strength etc.

Here’s the pics of the ball & socket legs – I needed to tighten and loosen some of the joints which is why I’m only sewing the wadding in place rather than gluing.

Clara's Legs exposed!

Clara's Legs exposed! Her skirt is on the left - socks behind (plus a spare one - the stripes where too big)

Clara's Legs exposed!

Clara's Legs exposed! I've made a spare pair of hands which I'll try covering in latex later - the plastic tubes will be heat shrinked via pouring hot water from a kettle)


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