A new head…

I’m on version 3 of the head – if you look at an earlier post you’ll see the first one which was horrific! The second only a slight improvement and the third… well, a bit better.

The eyes are a bit small and she looks rather moody. I should have drawn a sketch of how I wanted her face so I think that’s why I ended up with a generic face (and this to the fact that I’m a beginner in terms of sculpting!) but I have to get on so I guess I can only create this with the skills I have right now… I guess I hope to improve each time I try to make something).

Super Sculpey Head, version 3

Super Sculpey Head, version 3 (still to be baked & painted)

I’ll try baking the head later tonight as I live in shared house and have to wait until the kitchen is free!

She looks shiny because I’ve put some Vaseline on the head to help me smooth the clay… still needs some more smoothing as it’s still a little lumpy… I find that I have to work on it a little bit then have a break – otherwise I manage to squish parts by accident as the clay is so soft.

I have no idea how I’ll animate her facial features but I hope to use photoshop (you can import animated sequences) or find another way – I really don’t think I could create several heads like the ones that where created for Coraline

I’ve also made a mini TV remote for the coffee table, it’s currently blue as that’s the only other colour I have in Fimo clay – if I can’t paint it then I’ll have to buy some more coloured fimo instead. I also want to make a small compact camera or mobile phone which Clara will use to make her own stop motion animation.


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