A spare hand please…

I’ve made some spare hands as apparently the fingers can break easily.

plus I need to have a practice go at covering them. The first version of Clara ended up with rather stiff hands as I used glue to fix the wadding and the cotton material I used for ‘skin’ was too thick.

The hands on the new version are small and I tried making a mini pair of gloves using a pink satin type material – this proved to be very awkward and the material frays too easily.

I’m going to try latex this time – wrap some wadding around the fingers then dip them into a rubber latex solution. I just hope this works, I’ve seen an example online and they tend to look rather rough and old. Clara is suppose to be around the age of 13 so old looking hands will not quite work.

As I work as a freelance Photographic Retoucher my first thoughts are to use photoshop but that is not really applicable with stop motion… maybe it can be done in the close up shots… who knows… guess I’ll just have to give it a go!

spare hands...

spare hands... always useful 😉

The plastic tubes will be heat shrinked via pouring hot water from a kettle – you can buy the tubing from Animation supplies. I think it’s possible to make the hands without the small metal part that you can see in the photo above – my first hands didn’t have this but I do think the plastic heat shrinked tubing is very useful and you can buy thicker sizes for the other parts of your armature.

I’ll post up some photo’s later of my attempts with the latex.. .fingers crossed (just kidding… I don’t want to stress the fingers until I get to animating… oh mine… oh ok!)

I re-did the Jack Skellington motif on the t-shirt too – I only have the transfer paper for light fabric so I had to use white cotton for the transfer and then sew it to the dark t-shirt… I’ve spent too much and £7.99 just for one tiny t-shirt transfer would be a tad overboard… plus Clara isn’t rich and so she makes do… ie: she makes it herself… just wait until you see her friend, The Iya!

T-Shirt motif

T-Shirt Motif


2 thoughts on “A spare hand please…

  1. I like your website and blog on making your puppet. I too am learning how to make armatures. I just want to suggest that you can save some money purchasing materials at hardware stores. Plumbers Epoxy is about $5 for a tube that will make bones for ten puppets. Much cheaper than that melty plastic. And shrink tube can be found at your local electronics shop. It doesn’t matter what color, since you are covering it.

    • thanks 🙂
      I did manage to find some epoxy at the pound shop (uk) and I’ve heard some people use fimo clay for the bones… I followed the instructions from a book ‘Stop Motion, Craft skills for model animation’ (see blog post for link) and i guess I didn’t feel that confident at the beginning to think it through more and make my own changes – but I do now think that using epoxy is a lot cheaper and easier!

      I got the shrink plastic with the ball & socket joint component kit – I’ve read other blogs and people have even made their own ball & socket joints but that’s out of my league – I was of the understanding that the plastic tubing was strengthening the twisted wire but I’ve since heard from a poster at Stop Motion Forums that they think the shrink plastic is not needed… I personally like it but i’m yet to animate anything so I guess I will find out at some point – I didn’t know it could be brought from an electronics store though… thanks for that tip!
      Good luck with your armatures 🙂

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