Burnt & a little broken…

I was glad that the nose and ears didn’t go brown but the back of the head looks a little burnt – oops!

There’s also a crack which is strange as I didn’t join any segments at that point… hmmm

Burnt & broken...

Burnt & broken...

I also think the neck is too long and the head is too big! I’m not having a good day really.

what a long neck you have...

what a long neck you have...

The white dusty bits on the head are from sanding and also some paint.

The Super Sculpey is flesh toned but I’d prefer a paler complection.

I’m thinking of making a mold of the facial features and then re-doing the head (again!!!) I’m not sure if I can make the neck shorter as I’ve permanently stuck the rods into the ball & socket parts – I’ll see what I can do. It’s all going pear shaped and I have so much to do on this project.

a couple more pics…Clara is turning out to be rather scary :-/

I don’t want her to be cute but not quite this serious looking either.

Clara needs to put some weight on!

Clara needs to put some weight on!


2 thoughts on “Burnt & a little broken…

  1. Awesome puppet! The head looks better than what Ive sculpted for mine!! lol Im in the middle of making two puppets.Ive already sculpted one head, and Im in the middle of my second one. Both are made just using white sculpey. I saw the super sculpey but thought it would be hard to use. Is it hard to sculpt with? Oh and I saw that you didnt like the complexion of your head there. If you want to save yourself some stress, anxiety, time, and super sculpey, I would just mix up some acrylic paint and just paint the enitre head in your desired shade. But its COMPLETELY up to you! You also mentioned how there was a crack and a burn spot on there as well. Again….its completely up to you if you want to redo the head. But from looking at your photos…Im unable to see all the way around the head so I dont know the severity of the cracks and other damage. If the damage is not TOO terrible, you can STILL cover up the burn spot with the hair youll be using. I used cross stitching thread for my puppets hair and it worked out really well! My last project I had a girl puppet. So because of the weight of the hair I didnt worry so much with putting wires in it like with the Coraline puppet. I was able to just animate the hair ever so slightly to get nice overlapping action 😀 Anywho Im not exactly sure how you can fix the cracks, but my girl puppet had suffered just a few cracks. I just pulled some pieces of the sculpey I was using and smoothed it over the cracks. Yea the coloring of the sculpey was a tad different than the baked version, but it worked for me and surprising stayed! And I was able to cover up those flaws with the hair so it was unable to be seen! Anywho good luck with your puppet making!!!!

    • thanks!
      I’ve not tried the white sculpey but I assume they are the same – the one i used is actually quite easy to use.. very soft… when I was sorting out the nose I would turn it over to re-shape the head and the nose was squished no matter how careful I was!

      I’m thinking that each time I make a head it gets better so re-doing it might be a good thing… will try painting this head just to practice on – acrylic doesn’t seem to ‘sit’ well on the clay.

      I did buy some fimmo puppen which is very pale… might do some tests in the oven to see how it comes out and try blending the two types of clay together – I did find that the clay gets quite dirty and looks slightly grubby by the time I baked it so I’ll try to be more careful this time.

      I dont’ mind the burn mark as it would be under the hair (thinking of doing a crochet cap and then attach mohair wool!) and the crack doesn’t look so bad after sanding as the clay dust has filled it up – just looks like a small white line – I’ll just have to make sure parts like that are blended better next time – I don’t think it would have been obvious in the animations anway.
      I do wonder if the hair will move about too much but it’s my first go so I can’t expect to be top notch or to the level of Coraline (have you seen the DVD extras… fantastic!) adding super sculpey sounds like a great idea… will try that next time.

      How are you finding the hands? I’m trying wadding to pad out the fingers then cotton layer and then latex (which looks very yellow… wonder if that can painted?)

      Do you have photo’s online of your puppets?
      Thanks for your comments and suggestions… very helpful and good luck with your creations too! :-)))))

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