All dressed again with a new bag…

I need to shorten the neck so that part has been removed – she was all in pieces last night so I decided to sort the legs out again and dress her.

The legs were looking good but as I need to have access to the ball & socket joints in case they need tightening I found that taking the socks off would then pull the wadding down… trying to put the tights back on was terrible – they just wouldn’t go back on. So I added a layer of material over the legs (small slits cut where the screws of the joints are) and they work better but I do find that her legs are thinner meaning her socks are a little baggy in places.. dammit! so many issues but I need to get on – it might be fine or I can fix it later.

Here’s a photo of her dressed with a new bag I made last night – I’m thinking of adding some doodles to the bag as a lot of kids do that (and adults…I’ve met a few :-)) maybe the drawings she has in her little notebook – which is in the bag.

Clara with her new bag

Clara with her new bag (neck removed as it needs shortening)

I made a mold of her facial features as I was thinking of re-doing the head… don’t think I will now but unfortunately the under-eye on her left eye was damaged… it’s glued back into place as you can see… not a good join!

I have no idea how to paint her face – the acrylic paint which is recommened for super sculpey/fimo clays is a total pain – it just doesn’t ‘sit’ well and the brush/sponge strongs are clearly seen so I need to do a little ‘googling’ to see if anyone else has a techniques that will work. She needs her eyes and lip colour painted in for starters!

The mold for the soles of her shoes are currently drying and I’ve made shoe shapes to go inside the shoes (helps keep the shape and easier to add/glue the fabric too) so hopefully the shoes will be done soon (I managed to find some tiny eyelets which I’m sure will be fun trying to add those to such small boots, lol).


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