These photo’s are a little blurred… I take some more tomorrow when the lighting is better (currently 2am and I have terrible lighting)

Starting Clara's hair

Starting Clara's hair

I’m trying the crochet cap wig first – the above photo’s show just one small part that I’ve managed to do so far.

If this doesn’t work out then I’ll try the mohair wool cut into strips and glued into place (probably quicker to do but I don’t have any mohair at the moment so I thought I’d try this first) (I’m also stumped on how to do finish the hands!)

I’ll use a wool brush to make the wool more hair like and it will be cut into a simple hair style (shoulder length to hide the neck join and any imperfections!)

I’m using quite a thick black wool (4-ply) at the moment but pulling the strands apart and ‘latch’ hooking two strands at a time into the crochet cap – it’s looking quite thick so I’ll try attaching to each alternative row to see – I can always add later as I think removing any hair would actually be a lot of hard work and there’s a danger of tangling the wool.

Mobile pics of ‘wiggin’ – 3 hours later:

half head of 'hair' done

half head of 'hair' done

She doesn’t look very 13ish!!!

Maybe once she’s had  haircut and is ‘wearing’ her body…?

(I’m slightly scared of cutting her hair… if I go wrong I’d have to re-do the wig… it’s a very tedious job!)

Finished the wig part… just need to choose a suitable haircut…

Finished Wig - just needs styling...

Finished Wig - just needs styling...


3 thoughts on “Wigging…

  1. I love seeing her come to life 😀
    The wig is amazing! You have a real talent for crochet. I love seeing how different animators take their skills and apply them to animation. You need to be able to do everything and anything!

    But that’s what makes it fun! 😉


    • I use to want to sculpt… then make clothes… then crochet/knit… and make furniture but on their own they never seemed right or it was just for me to wear/use or not enough space to make large things like furniture – I’m not very brave in my clothing choices so I would never where anything interesting… so no challenge but this project seems to bring all these things together which I’m loving!

      I think when this project is done I can try designing more unusual things… just in miniature! lol.

      I really want to try sculpting a whole character and then making a mold… then use latex (if this is correct – not really looked into that much at the moment) which the wire armature would go into… this would result in a full body sculpt and no part to fail… I think clothes would fit better too.

      • I’ve no idea I’m afraid! Funding (or extreme lack of job) means I can only really afford to make mine out of tights! 😀
        The clothes would probably sit better but you can fool so much when you get down to animating that it wont be a problem for you, she looks fantastic!

        I’m obsessed with being able to animate the facial features but I wish I wasn’t so I could sculpt heads, they do looks so beautiful.

        Its great how everything just ‘fits’ into animation. I did 5 years of Craft (woodwork) at school, making tables and clocks and … pen holders…. so I already know the tools and processes for building things… in an amature way though. But that’s what makes each animators work so different and interesting, thier different skills all coming together.

        (May have to hire you to make my wigs!…. For the puppets I mean!!)

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