getting there slowly…

Here’s a quick update – mobile pic so not great quality but it’s dark right now!

The hair needs styling and gluing but I’ll do that once I’ve painted the face and stuck the head on to the neck – it will be easier once it’s stuck down as the wig keeps slipping.

The right hand came out ok but the left is rather lumpy and huge compared to the other one so I’ll have to re-do that one tomorrow.

I’ve followed Darkstrider’s technique of wrapping thread (embroidery type… if your puppet is smaller than perhaps best use a normal cotton type) around the hand and fingers, then building up layers of rubber latex. I did try the original type latex which comes out a rather sickly translucent yellow – then I brought some flesh colour latex but that came out a horrid orange.

I should have tried this before buying the flesh toned latex but I went back to the plain original latex and added some acrylic paint to the mix… this worked a lot better! Layering up the rubber liquid takes some practice!

I’ve added some doodles to the bag as this whole project is about her imagination and her creations (plus she is a teenager 😉

I’ve changed her ‘under’ top as I thought the felt was becoming messy so I needed a material that will withstand constant tugging etc – I kept the ‘old’ stripy sleeves underneath as the new material is rather thin and a tad transparent, plus it adds a little bulk to her arms.

a quick update...

head & hair still not finished.

The armchair is definitely too small…!

I’m in the middle of making a floor lamp (to behind the armchair) and duvet (for the bedroom scene) – I can’t find my saw at the moment which is annoying as I wanted to cut the floor and walls from a piece of wood I’ve brought especially – I’ll have to root around and hopefully I’ll find it soon – I would like to get a basic set up as it will spur me on more.

I’ve brought some really nice paper… more of an excuse to buy such gorgeous paper from Paperchase but I think it might be too good for this set… it’s suppose to be a fairly boring lounge!

The teddy on the floor is one of two – air fresheners from the pound shop! There’s is a pic of the other one in bits in another post… I’ve yet to string the marionette as yet. One of the clay puppets was burnt after baking so I’ll have to re-do that one… lol… lots of errors!

I did try making a ‘leather’ boot last night but it looked awful – the eyelets were too small (the smallest I could buy) the only other ones I have are far too large so I’m not sure what I’ll do for that as yet… I’ve decided to go back to the converse boot as I have the materials for that (except for the eyelets that is – might have to search ebay to see if there are any other sizes).


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