Converse boots… sole to go…

The upper part of the converse boots have been completed which was a complete pain and very fiddly!

The lower part will be made using latex in the hope that the sole will be bendy… I want Clara to be able to bend her foot (the ball & socket ‘feet’ are able to bend at the toes which aids walking with tie-downs) plus the latex should enable me to add a hole for the tie-down (I forgot to add it to the mold- oops).

The white band around the shoes are just pinned on at the moment and I’m hoping it will look better once everything is glued into place but I need the soles before I can do that.

Clara in Converse Boots (wip)

Clara's converse boots - upper part finished - waiting for soles!

I’ve brought some mohair to try to make a better head of hair – I think I might have got the wrong type though as the label says that it’s only 30% mohair… looks a little stringy to me – might have a quick go just to see if it would be better than the woolly mass that Clara is currently supporting.

I’ve printed off some wallpaper patterns to add to the lounge – I’ve built a stage platform which is raised off the ground to enable me to reach the tie-downs. (I’ll post up a photo soon)

I could only print at A3 which is too small… will have to look at some budget printing company to see if I can get a larger size.

I need to build a small walk way ‘stage’ … this would be all green/blue screen as I want Clara to walk along it and then add the background later in final cut pro.

I have several other projects that I need to get on with but I’m trying to get Clara completed up to a point.

  1. hair/head finished and attached to body.
  2. boots finished.
  3. Clara’s notebook (complete with sketches)
  4. Clara’s favorite handmade toy (The product of her imagination and what kickstarts the whole story!)
  5. walk-way (for opening scene)

basically ready to try the opening sequences which then means I can practice the green/blue screen techniques and how to do some blending of the shots.

I do seem to be going rather slow at the moment… very annoying!


2 thoughts on “Converse boots… sole to go…

  1. ah I love her! And her mop of hair!!
    For the wallpaper you could always print it in strips (just like wall paper rolls). It might help add to the realism but yu’d have to make sure the pattern matched, which on small scale, may be more effort than its worth. Just a thought.

    Also, I love the bookcase in your later post- if you want to make it look bigger, add some ‘Clara sized’ books to the shelf above. The ones underneath cound be plays (there’s a series of mini play books that I could imagine them being) or manga? Depends on how you see her character though.

    Its great seeing her come together though! Can only hope mine go as well!


    • thanks!
      I think your puppet has a lot of facial character where as mine looks a little blank!
      plus she has a great figure… very shapely, lol.

      was thinking about strips of wallpaper… did buy some paper with red dots on it from paperchase (I love that shop!!) so I’ll try that… depends if I have enough.
      maybe I should add some plates and cups… teenagers always have those lurking in their rooms!
      I was also thinking of adjusting the shelves on the bookcase… ie: just have two shelves rather than three which would make it a more realistic size for a small bookcase. I think the cd mini unit is too small… I know it’s suppose to be mini but it’s probably a bit too small as it is.

      thanks for your suggestions and good luck on your stop motion project too!

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