Window dressings… bedroom…

A Wooden Venetian Blind for the bedroom…

venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds for Clara's Bedroom

The window frames will be simple structures mostly just to hold it all together as it will be removable from the bedroom walls (The bedroom walls and lounge walls are the same… they just get flipped over during each scene’s shooting and sticking window/curtains etc to them will just get in the way).

They are made from balsa wood, sprayed silver and have some waxed cotton thread through them… there’s also some ribbon yarn on the back which is glued into place (the same type used on Clara’s converse boots) you can see in the photo’s the fun I had trying to do that!

My mini Muji printing kit came in handy separating the slats to the right distance!

Making the Venetian Blinds for Clara's Bedroom

Making the Venetian Blinds for Clara's Bedroom

They do work but not that smoothly as there is no pulley system as Balsa wood is not that strong… but small adjustments mean they can be opened or closed and made to look wonky/messy – I think most teenagers aren’t that fussy about their blinds being perfectly symmetrical (actually, I was like then but I’m rather anal – my current blinds in my rented place right now are in terrible state but they wont fix them – I keep the curtains closed over the worst parts just so that they don’t torture me!!! well, actually the curtains are broken so I can’t really open them either! which drives me up the wall!)

well, I made the blind too thick – should have used thinner balsa wood but it was all I hand in at the time.

I made some windows today and the lounge one dried wonky! It will be drapped with a long curtain with nets (might use different ones that are shown in the photo) and I’m not sure how to attach the blind to the bedroom window.

Quick dodgy photo’s but I’ll take some better ones once they are finished and ready to go up on the ‘walls’.

They have acetate glued on the back to give it some shine – I plan to take some photo’s that will show a view out of them. The lounge window (on the right) ended up wonky but I think the curtain will hide that so hopefully it wont be an issue.

Bedroom & Lounge windows with curtain & blinds (not finished)

1 Bedroom (shown twice) & 1 Lounge window with curtain & blinds (not finished)


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