NEW & IMPROVED…. shoes!

I thought the converse shoes I made Clara were cool but the white banding and white front part looked rather dodgy, and too big so I had a little think of how to improve this – I need to be able to bend Clara’s foot so it’s not a simple matter of using super sculpey.

These are the old ones – I thought they were too clunky and the holes for the tie-downs were too awkward to get at easily. I had to hold the entire puppet upside down with the wooden platform… I can’t do that for every shot!

Clara's old boots

Clara's old boots - well the lower segment is anyway - the upper parts are the same in the 'new' version.

I finally decided on using latex (I’m really starting to love this stuff!).

Clara's new boots

Clara's new boots - one waiting for the edging to be glued on! (I don't recommened epoxy glue for this as it doesn't stick very well with these types of materials and going back to re-glue the gaps is impossible - see upturned shoe - the sole has gaps and hasn't stuck to the felt upper part, grrrrr

I did use a bit of clay rolled into a ball… to match the size of the front white part of the boot (to fit her ‘toes’) and then repeatedly painted a layer of latex with white paint added… after several coats I then peeled it off and gave it a little trim.

I used some super sculpey to sculpt the white banding that goes along the edge of the shoe – this has a slight raised middle segment and a textured front panel  – this was filled with latex with white acrylic paint added.

I ended up making half a dozen of these because although the first one came out just fine the others kept forming cracks and holes (mold release spray causing this???), I finally got two matching bands but when I glued all this together I found that they were too thick… so back I went to the mold – this time I just poured in a small amount that just covered the bottom of the mold – I kept finding that the latex doesn’t seem to dry well with too much white acrylic paint so when after leaving it several days I still found that some parts were wet – hence the rough parts along the banding in the above photo – I did try to re-stick it down but that didn’t work – lets call it experience shall we 🙂

This has worked a lot better – the only problem I have now is where I used white felt panels before glued onto the black upper parts, I’ve managed to leave hard glue bits that are not completely transparent! I’ll have to see if I can get rid of these but I’m wondering that this can be seen when animating… obviously I’m looking at the shoe up close and in detail and I don’t think this happens in my film. I’m probably just being a bit of a perfectionist… this might be why in the last 3 days I’ve sat with some fimo clay trying to create a mini laptop for Clara – I’ve got nowhere with it! I just can’t decide… lump of clay with an image of keys or actually make the keys/screen etc… and how to add the hinge effect or should I make a sole one that stays open and then one that is closed?????

arrrgghhhh…. also need more foamboard for the walls – AND I spent over a tenner on printing more wallpaper only to find that the printers at Uni don’t follow any kind of uniform colour management and they all came out to green/cold to match the wallpaper I already have…. I have come to a grinding halt on this and it’s driving me up the wall!

I just need to add the white banding around the bottom and they are done! I can start thinking of doing the walk cycle after that – I don’t need the laptop and walls for that!

over and out 🙂

(I sewed up Clara’s main toy (Iya) which was a pain as it’s so small and the edging kept fraying – post that up soon too).

The shoes are still a bit rubbish but it’s as close as I can get them to how I want! practice more I guess… (she can stand on her own… no tie-downs, lol)

Clara's new & improved boots

Converse edging and front panel re-do with latex


2 thoughts on “NEW & IMPROVED…. shoes!

  1. I love those shoes so much! Mine are a bit of a disaster at the moment… Might take a leaf out of your book (blog?) and sew them instead of trying to build them from latex.

    Keep up the good work!
    Lilt x

  2. they were a pain to make!!! ended up making 3 pairs in total… got slightly better with each pair though.
    maybe your charachters could wear sandles, lol… I might give my future characters flip flops just to make it easier lol.

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