Clara's bedroom…

Clara’s bedroom – well a quick mock-up.

I need a larger piece of foamboard for the right hand side wall – I only have a small amount of the red dotted ‘wallpaper’ left as I managed to sit on a piece and tear it! (what am I like?????)

Clara's bedroom mock-up

Clara's bedroom mock-up (sewn Iya toy next to sketchbook)

The window and bookcase are not wonky, it’s just that I extended the floor with some card and it’s bending (temporary measure), so I need another piece of wood to make the floor larger – all very annoying as I keep coming to a stop.

I think the floor will be a plain blue as I’m rather liking the spirals on this paper shown in the photo and I would like to make that a moving animated symbol in the film and it’s easier to do ‘green screening’ on a plain background.

The posters need to be bigger and I might make some more clothes (not full outfits but just so that they look like a pair trousers/jeans/t-shirt etc) and strewn them over the chest and on the floor – needs to be a bit more messy… plus maybe some plates and a glass on the bedside table or on the floor.

I’ve not decided whether to put a photo behind the window or a green piece of paper for green-screening the outside – if I green screen it then the image would move in perspective of the camera etc… but I think I’m over complicating things so I may just take a photo and stick that in (the window is just stuck down at the top so I can just lift it up)

Clara's bedroom mock-up

Clara's bedroom mock-up - no view for the window yet... and the window/shelf unit are not wonky... the cardboard floor is (need more wood)

Clara's bedroom

Clara's bedroom


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