Barry Purves workshop…

I was invited by a tutor of Morley college via to come to the Barry Purves workshop.

I’ll post up the rest of this in a minute….

Barry Purves signing his book

Barry Purves signing his book


6 thoughts on “Barry Purves workshop…

  1. *shakes fist* damn you being prepared! I forgot to have a good gander at the armature that John brought with him too! It was a full ball and socket lovely looking thing. Wanted to see if I could smuggle it across the border 😀 hehe

    • he he 🙂
      that puppet was fantastic! I tried to ask how long it took for the latex skin to deteriorate but he misheard me … knowing that you’ve worked on your latex bits on your puppet and it’s going to start coming apart at some point is rather sad… Clara only has latex on her hands and boots but I was thinking of trying to create a full body cask and add wire to that then pour latex over it all… so a full latex bendy body!! but not so sure now. (not for Clara but considering it for future characters)

      It was a piece of sculpture… perfect puppet!

  2. Foam and latex build up’s the way to go! From seeing clara’s face, you’re obviously a dab hand at sculpting so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Get some upholstery foam, you can usually get squares in fabric shops and stuff. Then glue on ‘muscles’ to create the basic shape, wrap and glue some tights or balloon over the parts on show to create a smoother skin then sponge on layers of liquid latex and then build up a bit of detail.
    Latex doesn’t take too long to dry. I found when I was doing the detail, if I worked on the bits I wanted to extend in the face then build up a bit on the hands by the time I’d done the hands, the bit I’d started on was dry and I could go back and start again on the next layer. For the first few layers though (maybe after trying five or six all over) leave it to dry over night and then you see the effect after its dried, after another day of layer- dry- layer- dry you can really see it taking shape.
    Acrylic and latex mix really well if you stir it for a while with a cocktail stick and then apply it in layers again. Experimentings the best way to get to grips with it though.
    I have to admit there’s been a little colour change in the puppet since I first painted it about a month but its just pailed a little (and he has been left in the sun all the time). Achilles was done in 1995 and the puppet was probably made a year before then. So for 15 years the puppet wasn’t looking too shabby! (was made by the daddies of all puppet makers though 😦 )

    Oh god, sorry for the massive rant there haha- got carried away!
    Lilt x

    • you have a point… and I doubt my puppet will be worked as hard as that one anyway!
      I do need more practice with latex… it does take awhile to get used to using it.
      Clara’s hands have a fair few air bubbles – and the first one I tried (not attached to clara) looks terrible .. one hand on Clara looks really good but the other one came out larger and more bobbly but I don’t think it’s too obvious for this project.

      I love the face on yours and the fact that his mouth moves is fantastic!

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