all set up and waiting… and test sequence

This is the set up for the teaser… the camera is suppose to look like it’s revolving around Clara but for the lack of space I have to have Clara on the turntable. ideally the lights need to revolve but I tried that set up yesterday and the two other lamps I have were to dim… I’ll post up better descriptions and other pics later … just these ones for now.

Set up for Clara Teaser

Set up for Clara Teaser

packing tape... very useful!

packing tape... very useful!

my DSLR is not compatible with any frame grabbing software so I’ve taped my (crappy) camcorder to the tripod so that will give me a live feed – just to see as I’m going along… and I can just take a still from the DSLR each time I’ve made a move.

I’m so nervous of starting now… I keep putting it off!

test of turntable set up…

test on revolving around Clara character – needs more steps and she’s not central so she goes off the ‘screen’ and the lighting goes rather bright… so many issues and final cut doesn’t work so I had to do this in photoshop!!!! this will not be an option for the whole sequence as it’s too awkward and the file size for 97 still images was 1.5gb (ok… they stills need to be made smaller anyway) plus they might import probably into istopmotion if they were smaller.

I didn’t bother taking out the green screen as it’s just a test (a rather bad one). I don’t know if youtube’s compression has done something to this but it’s slightly smooter and the fast part isn’t that jumpy in the full .mov version (2.7gb just for that small piece so I can’t upload that one… I had to compress to a different format).

really need to figure out how to sort the lighting and center Clara! so much work to do… and I now have a headache!


4 thoughts on “all set up and waiting… and test sequence

  1. Wow! all coming together!
    Webcam’s are great for a live feed (or so I hear) and theres some free frame grabbing software online.

    The test shot looks really smooth.. ARG EXCITED!

  2. Yeah I’m going to get a web cam and tape that to my DSLR – my camcorder is now taped to the viewfinder of my camera but it’s so bulky I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen off!
    it’s going to take ages to scrap the bits of adhesive from the camcorder.

    I’ve nearly shot the whole sequence now and I just need to resize the images and add get rid of the green background – then to add some effects and audio.
    tried to tape some friends voices yesterday but my imovie didn’t record anything arrrggghhhhh!

    I’ve spent the week trying to set up the two blogs on the main website but my web host is terrible and they got deleted so I’ve just spent the last 6 hours re-creating them… and I’ve got to figure out how to do the main flash website too… spending so little time animating… but once it’s all done then I can start the actual main animated sequence.

    have you tried animating any of your characters yet?

  3. Webcam will probably be a lot easier for live feed and should work with frame grabbing software- camcorder taped on is pretty genius though 😛

    Ah can’t wait to see the finished bit!

    The website looks great (have it bookmarked) and I love the moving eyes! I know nooothing about setting up websites etc but good luck!

    Puppet 2 has… failed a little so I’m on puppet 3. His shoes are look a LOT better but he’s a week or so away from being complete. I really want to get animating but there’s no space at the moment to set anything up. As soon as puppet 3’s complete (or 4 or 5- I’m well too much of a perfectionist) I’ll do a really basic thing just to try him out. Stealing my dad’s shed as a studio though! x

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