teasing… bit by bit…

I’ve shot most of the teaser sequence but have yet to do the audio and layers of animated drawings etc.

Also the masking and green screening needs sorting but I need to look up how to do that better… seems rather patchy.

I asked some friends to do the ‘moaners’ audio and I used my laptop’s imovie to record them but for some reason it didn’t work… it kept skipping over the actual sentences that I needed so I’ll have to try and re-do that bit. Very frustrating!

I’ve also had to re-do the blogs about 4 times due to my hosting company messing up my databases… at one point they changed the passwords without telling me! of course nothing worked after that… then they deleted them but luckily I had backed up everything… but still a total waste of time and I now have a patch of hair missing ;-p
You can see where the camera got moved and at one point I had to move the puppet off the stage … trying to line it up was a pain.

I did use a frame grabber but my DSLR doesn’t do live feed – I taped my camcorder to the eyepiece but as the camcorder is rather heavy and large for that sort of thing I could never get it to line up properly – I will be buying a small webcam which will be a lot easier to work with.

I think I’ll call this teaser project practice for the main animated sequence – I’m learning a lot and I want the main sequence to be far better than this one!

I think revolving the camera around (or should I say revolving ‘Clara’ on a turntable – the camera was static – I just don’t have the room to do it any other way) made things a lot more difficult as the turntable had to turn on every frame but the puppet doesn’t so it messed up my timing – I think I could have learnt how to time her movement better without the revolving… but it’s useful for the teaser – it acts as a transition to each segment.

Trying to animate Clara’s mini puppets at the end was incredibly difficult as they wouldn’t stand up or stick to the paper (green paper for green screening) so that ended up a bit of a mess… I did shoot that part without the mini puppets and that did look a lot better but, I then realised I would have a nightmare if I did them separate… again because of the revolving of Clara – her feet cuts the puppets off when they are coming around towards the front.

Clara's Mini Puppets, She's so proud of making her own puppets!

Clara with her mini Clara puppet!

Clara's Mini Puppets, She's so proud of making her own puppets!

Clara with her mini Clara puppet!


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