completed… well sort of!

Here is the Teaser… so many issues – frames jump a little too much, for some reason final cut shifted some images over!?! I’ve been trying to line them up but yet manage to miss some or it’s done it again… not sure which.

I’m not very good with creating audio soundtracks so it’s just a small segment of Pink’s, ‘Conversation with my 13 year old self’ playing over and over again… was going to use some other small clips of songs but they didn’t fit with the clip being so short.

I’ve uploaded it to the main website but it’s playing incredibly slow – it’s compressed down to a flash file of 3mb.

here’s the video… just in case playing it on the main page was too painful for you šŸ™‚

oh… I’ve created a facebook fan page anyone can join… linky

Just for the sake of seeing if there’s any difference playing through youtube… I’ll post up both the .mov file and .flv file on youtube (rather than uploading to my website).

compressed .flv file video

noncompressed .mov file video

HUGE difference… so how do you put a quality looking video on a website?????? grrrr…

night šŸ™‚ or morning… whichever!


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