first steps…

are always dodgy looking… except babies tend to look cute… doesn’t work for anyone else though.

I used Dragon stop motion software – which worked out well as my iMac hard drive failed (3rd time in 2 years!) and Apple replaced it with a 27″ iMac but the wireless keyboard doesn’t come with a keypad… but Dragon software does come with a keypad… cool. sorry… tangent moment…

I used Muybridge’s walk cycle images to help place the legs in the right place – well that was the theory anyway.

here’s the first try.

I then realised that I’d forgotten to put her coat on.. .the 3rd panel of the animated comic shows Clara getting her coat and leaving the house – so I had to reshoot the walk sequence with the coat on. I was hoping that I could just flip the animation for the walk back but the bag would be on the wrong side so I had to do another walk cycle facing the other way.

I rather like Dragon software – I was going to try my friends copy of stop motion pro but after faffing for ages then realised it isn’t compatible with Canon DSLR’s  – I’d just spent £200 on a Canon Rebel especially for doing stop motion work so I had to sell that on ebay and buy the Canon 500D (sold two older digital cameras which made up the cost of the 500D… my mini animation has effectively cost me £600 if you factor in the software and DSLR… but then Clara’s cost must be over £100 … £80 just for the armature) this is an expensive ‘hobby’ lol.


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