Iya – skinned but is then reborn…

me… melodramatically… nooooo

It got too difficult to continue the latch-hooking of the original Iya creature… I just couldn’t face it anymore so I brought some long pelt fake fur off ebay.

I also found someone who sold loc-line – a plastic tubing that is similar to what was used in some dolls a few years back… really difficult to get hold off – the seller is in the US and was very helpful (I may post up the link later)

Iya remake with loc-line armature

still not happy with the eye but after spending a long time searching for bouncing balls (I have several eyeball boucy balls now but they look awful) and then visiting the 4D modelling shop (near London Bridge) and spent a fair amount on spheres I ended up using the eye/ball that was used in this creature (made by Sithel on Ravelry) (can’t find a picture… my promises of posting up later never happen… but then I don’t specify a particular year … so not quite a lie!)

as breaking apart the plastic segments (you can buy some kind of key thingy but it costs about £35 which is just not logical) I ended up using wire fixed to the armature (epoxy putty and brass tubing helped) but I made the wires too short.

I really didn’t know what to do with all the feet or how to get the creature to move… here’s a dodgy video 😀


2 thoughts on “Iya – skinned but is then reborn…

    • Thanks – I plan to take her apart and start again as she doesn’t really look the way I want her to!
      less legs might be easier to work with and a nicer ‘eye’ and possibly a small mouth (If I can figure out a way to do that) – I think the fur hides too much of it’s body and looks like a big lump … a slimmer Iya who can show more character is on the cards!

      Glad you are still making stuff – you seem to have disappeared from Ravelry! But I too want to make things using more than yarn so time to move on (forward!!)


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