OMG… Clara suffers massive burns to her head!


I wanted to make a mold of Clara’s head which would hopefully help me re-create her with moving eyes – personality and character are said to be in the eyes and Clara looks a little blank sometimes so I think eyeballs would help her in lots of ways.

well after creating a mold and pulling the original head the broken eye piece fell off (it was fixed with glue and then sealed with a matt medium) so I added some more super sculpey and baked the head to cure the clay… well… do I regret that!


head before corner of the eye broke off

head before corner of the eye broke off



trying to remake the head...

trying to remake the head…


You can see extra heads in the above image… and a paper machie version – the one with an eye cut out was a layer of latex… just for experimentation!

one burnt... one 'raw'

one burnt… one ‘raw’

I remade a head which looked awful so I tried another and thought it looked ok… until 24 hours later lots of cracks appeared 😦

cracks appeared 24 hours later :-(

cracks appeared 24 hours later 😦

I tried adding a thin layer on top and cured that in the oven but it looked awful… so after 3 tries I decided to try one more time…

I was using a rather deep mold of Clara’s head and this distorted the soft clay when it was pulled out… this time I used, what I’d considered a rubbish mold that just covered the facial features and had the old broken eye bit… but I just smoothed and gently teased the clay into place… phew it worked.

four heads better than one

four heads better than one

Clara's new head and her puppet

Clara’s new head and her puppet

The head that ended up with all the cracks had looked ok but was slightly larger than the original head. This meant that the wig of hair was too small. Instead of just remaking the whole wig I cut out all the hair so I was left with the crochet skull ‘cap’ and re-threaded yarn into it… but the final head that worked was the same size as the original so the hair was cut down to the original size again… I basically just wasted weeks over one tiny broken eye piece… GARGH!

(but her head is slightly better… even if the hair isn’t but I don’t think it’s obvious!) *rolls eyes*


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