ta da… (Chapter One)

Chapter One of Clara’s Animated World comic…

well… ok… count this as first try as I had some issues with rendering and I couldn’t open any sound editing software (I don’t know why – after having hard drive failure for months I’ve become some what scared of trying to fix things computer wise) I ended up handing in this version for my final project – BA Digital Media Design course.

I have never used After Effects except to render some footage out a year or so ago (I can’t remember) so suddenly having to figure out how to create all the panels (9 panels in their own compositions and then the main page composition) masks which required animating, rotoscoping the live footage (nightmare!)… some of the compositions had 35 layers with multiple mask layers within those… I really was confused at the end… I started off rather organised and the bedroom, kitchen and hallway were the first panels created (I think you can tell as the others are slightly dodgy!)

I was on the verge of getting a first but I doubt that will happen – each year I got a first for my practical projects and slightly lower for written work… this year my written work has improved (83% for the Dissertation and 90% for another paper) but my practical stuff has been less than! the previous practical was also stop motion and faffing over the brief (very unclear) and hard drive failure meant the final piece was awful… it has been deleted! and this one has no sound… the walk cycles went funny… the panels pop and jump and I thought I’d removed the weird clock wobble… I think my still images were too large which might be the reason why my DVD Pro software didn’t work and the renders got corrupted… anyway this is the version that got handed in… I hope to fix the problems soon…


I should find out the grade soon… I’m still hoping that I may scrape a first but I really can’t tell… the final project is 40 credits and I just don’t think it got a first!


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