Workshops with a real live puppetician…


I’ll be spending this Saturday and Sunday at The Film & Video Workshop in North London with BAFTA Award winning Animation Director Kevin Griffiths.

Puppet making 2 day workshop and then the Stop Motion Animation evening course (5 evenings) after that so hopefully I’ll learn something useful.

It will be nice to actually see someone create stop motion rather than just watch youtube or DVD extras or reading books on the subject.

I’ll post up some pics once I’ve done the workshops

Kevin Griffiths teaches at different venues – you can visit his website here: The Puppetician


the puppet weekend was interesting and I definitely picked up some tips and tricks… here’s the puppet I made – I’m wondering if the noisy neighbours who kept me up all night made me so bad that it manifested into this character?

She is sporting an old sock for a dress and actual tights on her legs… fur is left over from Clara’s friend the iYa which seemed to work rather well… looks like she has a lot of grey hair.

The head is shaped polystyrene and the feet are a type of foam that can be found in air filters (?) but rather than having tie-downs in the feet these light weight puppets can be pinned to a foamboard ‘stage’.

As I didn’t plan the character as I just wanted to learn general techniques the arms of the character could have been better (plus never using that type of foam/trimming technique before)… needs better trimming and more layers of latex plus big ‘bingo winged’ arms would have been good… I added a ‘tattoo’ to her fingers (the ‘hate’ fitting just right on the four fingered hand!) and a love heart with DAD written underneath on her arm… lol.

The Mouth is just drawn on to some sticky labels which didn’t stick very well… I later added furry eyebrows… was hoping for a monobrow but the fur fabric is a loose weaved and fell apart when cut into small pieces.

meet Edna - but she prefers to be called 'Eddie'

meet Edna – but she prefers to be called ‘Eddie’

The mobile phone pic makes the ‘skin’ better than it actually is… made this one in an evening but the face was a pain to do… epoxy putty layer over a polystyrene ball – I wanted moving eyes… they do move but it’s awkward. The arms are too stumpy… and he has no eyebrows as yet… the mouth is a replacement type… just supersculpey and then a little bit of whitetack to hold it in place… ‘Eddie’ and the little ‘%*@£’ share mouths (!?!)

This kid was suppose to be a ‘hoodie’ type but I didn’t have any cloth that would fit this look… I thought I had some thin material that was denim coloured for baggy jeans but I think it’s been cleared out… so I used felt … makes his legs look fat, lol. His jumper is also an old sock… recycling at it’s best!!

The foul mouthed little &%@£

tutor and tutee…

puppet making can be rather messy!

Martina’s busty lady puppet

The following evening class was creating a storyboard and simple set to animate our own mini film…
here’s a small clip of Eddie… the shuddering isn’t on the origianl footage… just the vimeo uploaded version… grrrr…

and the kid… I ran out of time on this one… so will shoot it again… hopefully better this time ;-P



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