Welcome to Clara’s Animated World!

This blog is about how I will be making a stop motion animation called ‘Clara’s Animated World’.
Clara is a stop motion puppet who makes her own stop motion puppets!
She uses her puppets to resolve issues and to take control of her life and destiny rather than rely on others who only seem to want to control her… she is not their puppet!!! She is the puppet master 🙂

This site will show how I made the puppets and sets, to how Clara herself makes her own stop motion animations!

you can visit Clara’s blog here.


One thought on “About!

  1. I ‘discovered’ your blog a while a go and just saw on Emily’s Owl Knit You that you got a 1st..I have to say I am not surprised…WELL DONE!!
    Love the various blogs and your sharing of knowledge…it’s not only informative and inspirational to read it is just invaluable to beginners like me.

    Keep it all rolling.x

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